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The Cigar Cave

The Cigar Cave is owned by John Aslan who has been in the tobacco industry since 1995. John started selling cigars for 4 years in his house, then purchased the Tobacco Discount store in Boots Ranch, Palm Harbor (this store has run successfully for 18+yrs).

In June 2009, John had the vision to create Florida’s largest Cigar Lounge, complete with Beer / Wine, FULL LIQUOR, VIP Room (sponsored by Rocky Patel), a 1000 sq foot walk-in humidor, and comfortable seating for 70 people (most of our seating is leather reclining chairs and leather couches). We have 8 large LCD HD TV screens and always have available the Direct TV NFL Ticket.

We have many VIP customers and 48 lockers that we will expand soon to meet customer requests.

Currently we manage over 4,000 different cigars, a full line of accessories including by customer request high-end Dupont and Brizard (made by Louis Vuitton) products.

Each month since our Oct 30, 2009 open date has experienced growth EACH MONTH. This is due to our atmosphere, staff, hands-on management, and we run 2 events each month on average sometimes more.

Customers say we have the best selection and prices that they have run across; as such we not only have a very loyal local customer base but we do have people from Canada, New York, Virginia and Colorado who come exclusively to our store in person even though we offer shipping.